I’m an American living in Ohio who is planning on moving to Taiwan within the next couple years. My Chinese is almost non-existent, I’m still not that big on tofu, and I can’t stand muggy weather. Still, my fiance, who is from Taipei, is the love of my life and means more than anything to me. Thus, when she finishes her Ph.D work, we’ll be hopping on a plane and moving to Formosa.

I hope this blog will serve as an outlet for me, my concerns, frustrations, surprises and a place that I can gush about how wonderful my new home is. In the meantime, before I get there, it will be a place that I can talk about my trepidation, anxiety, giddiness and what I’ve found out about myself in the process.

Join me.

Incidentally, it’s rather important that your computer is set up to read Chinese, as (I hope) it is rather pervasive on this site. Also, if my Chinese is wrong, bizarre or just plain funny, please let me know. I’m learning.

Come visit me at www.anamericanintaiwan.com!



  1. Hey, thanks for adding my blog and I will definitely add yours to mine!

    I haven’t met too many Ohioans here as opposed to Holland where I met so many! I can’t wait to read your blog and if you want a dog, we have plenty up for adoption so feel free to post on my blog or email me at breanna@taichungpaws.org

    Hope to talk to you soon!


  2. You Go Dude !!
    very cool 🙂

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